prayer requests from Tina Conerly

*PRAISE: Lane is off at least long enough to take Graceyn to PA. They leave July 15th and will be in PA until the 25th of July.
*PRAISE: Krueger Kennedy Hospital in Maryland wants Graceyn to come there immediately following her stay at Shriner's after receiving her braces and being shown how to use them. This is the BEST hospital for her injuries in the nation! They aren't saying they want to help her know how to function in life from a wheelchair, they want to rehabilitate her to live her life aside from the wheelchair; to walk on her own. They are very optimistic about being able to further help Graceyn.
*This is a huge prayer request, going to Maryland, because they have been told it is VERY pricey. At this point they do not know if insurance will pay. What is our God's Name? Jehovah Jireh is one, isn't it? I truly believe He will provide...after all He didn't bring them this far to drop them now, did He? His word says, "Ask and you will receive...." not you might or I will think about it, but "You will"....Glory to God Almighty!!!
*PRAISE: Lane's insurance covered Graceyn's "stander" machine for her bone therapy with her legs. They have already received it at their home. She is so excited about it and wants to use it all the time. This is an answered prayer because not long ago she didn't want to have to use any of these things.
*PRAISE: God has truly changed Graceyn's outlook on life. She was so upset about "never walking again" and didn't want to use anything that she needed to....chest brace, leg braces, wheel chair, etc. God has blessed this precious child with a new outlook...she now talks of "when I can walk again, I want to do this" or "when God heals me, I will do this". All it takes is a mustard seed of faith to move mountains, amen? When we start believing God can, I think we can step back, watch and see Him move in mighty ways, amen?
*PRAISE: The family has been able to come to church some, tonight was one of those times. For those who may have missed it, when it was time to put prayers and praises in the baskets.....Holly walked to them and back for the first time!!!! Wahooo! Praise His Name!!!!
*PRAY: Soon they will all start counseling to deal with the aftermath. Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts, concern and Christ-like love!!!!! This is what the Body of Christ is all about.....Loving and serving one another just as Christ himself did and gave Himself up for the church.
Hallelujah! We love you Jesus!!!!
Have a blessed weekend!
In His love and service, Tina
Matthew 7:7-11


Lauren said...

I am so thrilled to see our God working His miracles! All praise to Him. He is showing Himself mighty and it is so exciting to see the wonderful news about our precious friends!