Precious Girl

A pageant was held to raise funds for Graceyn's treatments- and the belle of the ball felt a little sad that she couldn't spin and twirl like her sisters and the other contestants. So a sweet friend turned Graceyn's wheelchair into Cinderella's coach. Graceyn said she felt like Cinderella going to the ball!!

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God Provides!

This is Graceyn in her "stander" that Crossgates Baptist Church- along with N1 Accord Sunday School class and close friends donated money for her to have. God is mighty to provide all of our needs.

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Learning to Walk

Graceyn does push ups to strengthen her arms. She is laying on a "peanut" with her therapist Terri's help. She also uses the "peanut" to play basketball and improve her balance.

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Hard Work at Children's Hospital

This first picture is Graceyn transferring from her wheelchair onto a mat. She is wearing her TLSO (brace)which makes transferring harder.
The second picture is Graceyn scooting to move from one end of the mat to the other. Terri, her therapist is moving her legs as she goes.
Graceyn hit her head on the back of the passenger side front seat during the accident. It is an absolute miracle that she did not have a head injury. It was also revealed that her spinal cord was stretched, not torn or cut.

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Hands of Hope

Here's Crossgates Baptist Church's Hands of Hope Ministry paving the Thrailkill's driveway.

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Holly's legs

This is a picture of what Holly's legs looked like 6 weeks out from the wreck.

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The Wreckage

It took two hours to cut Holly out of the van. This is a view of her seat after the wreck. If you look at the bottom of this picture you can see the driver's seat. Holly's legs were in between the seat and that unbelievable tangle of dashboard, computer, steering column, etc.

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Graceyn WALKING!!!

Graceyn Mixing it Up!

Graceyn Splashing

Finally! These videos are old, but I just figured out how to put them on here!