More Prayer Requests....

These are copied from an email I got from Tina Conerly.....

*Pray God would provide the way for Holly and the other 2 girls to go with Lane and Graceyn when they return to PA. If unable to go, I am working on day-sitters to help Holly while he takes her. She really needs someone to be with her at this point.
*Pray for healing from the trauma from all of this for the whole family. Graceyn needs them so much, but Maddie, Laurel and parents do as well.
Again, I will have more info and an update on prayer needs tomorrow, but this is what I have now. Oh, there is one other machine called a "stander" which would work/exercise Graceyn's bones they are needing to purchase. Again, this one is not covered by their insurance but the doctors feel she needs it to remain healthy, strong, etc. More info on that to come.