Email from Tina Conerly regarding Praises and Prayers

*Hands of Hope for Crossgates Baptist church concreted 1/2 of the Thrailkill's driveway at no charge at all; allowing easy wheelchair accessibility for Holly and Graceyn into their home.
*Last Monday, they received word that the full amount, $15,000.00 for the bike therapy machine Graceyn needed had been anonymously donated by an insurance company, not their own nor one they knew of, so is now paid in full. Just 4 weeks prior, Lane received a call from the medical supply company that the machine was NOT covered by their insurance. In faith, he replied, "Order the machine anyway. Her doctor says she needs it; I don't know how we will pay for it, but God WILL provide." Praise Jesus, He provided, amen!?!
*The owner of the above mentioned insurance company donated an extra $3,500.00 of his own money for any other needs.
*People continue to give of themselves and their time and take meals daily to the Thrailkill family. This is an indescribable blessing, as it not only saves $ for them, but also time that Lane needs to care for his family. He has so much on him not just physically, but financially, emotionally and spiritually as well.
*Thursday he was told that Shiloh Methodist Church was going to finish concreting the rest of the driveway, this may be at no charge to them. What a Mighty God we serve!!!!! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills....He will supply your need.....what should we do? Trust Him to do it! Hallelujah!
Prayer Requests:
*There is a therapy machine for Graceyn's legs called a "stander". This machine exercises and strengthens her bones, whereas the bike machine exercises and strengthens her muscles. This machine has also been denied coverage by their insurance, it isn't nearly as pricey as the other but still expensive enough to need prayer for God to provide financial assistance to purchase it. This along with the other are machines she will use daily to keep her legs, muscles and bones healthy until God heals her completely.
*Pray for Holly as she is going to need more surgery on her right leg. They cannot get it past bending at 60 degrees and what they have done has moved her kneecap. It is not centered as it should be. She has an appointment with her doctors Thursday (19th) to access all her needs and talk about scheduling surgery for any repairs needed and to bend it while under sedation.
*Please also pray as counseling is being scheduled to deal with the wreck, etc. The whole family will go through the therapy.
Thank you so much for rejoicing with us and praying for them. They are so blessed by each of you and humbled by your selfless love and prayers. Have a blessed day! The next update will be on Thursday, the 19th.
Serving our Savior with Joy,
Tina Conerly