At CVS today I noticed they are raffling off three items to raise money for the Thrailkill's. One is a cool Sunkist Bike, a Mother's Day Basket... and the 3rd I'm sure is something equally cool but I can't for the life of me remember what it is :) Anyway, I did remember that tickets are 2 for $25. If you get a chance go by there and check it out!


Well, I have good news and bad news but God can handle both!

The leg they were concerned infection had set in, had not, but it WAS a bad hematoma which they have given her some strong antibiotics for. They cleaned this right knee out, stitched it up and will remove those stitches next Thursday. They were able to work her left leg with the worse femur break up to a bend of 130 degrees. (If her femur had not been so damaged they said she could have put weight on it now, which sounded encouraging to me) They had to put both of her feet in splints, set at an angle of 20 degrees more toward her body as it is the degree her feet would flex to in walking. She has not been able to move it in as far as they thought she should at this point and were very concerned about her left foot. To keep her from having a limp when she walks again, they had to do this. Don't know right now how long it has to stay at this position but it is very uncomfortable. Please pray hard for this.
The bad news, God can handle, is Holly will have to have another surgery on her right leg when the time comes that she can finally move her knee. While watching it on X-Ray during the movement exercises, they noticed her knee was trying to move out of place, if they had continued, it would have broken apart, again. Thus the need for a later surgery to help her move it as it is tightening and calcifying; that right knee just has to heal longer and she cannot bend it right now.
She is home now, praise the Lord. Continue to pray against pain and for them as they prepare to see Graceyn off on Tuesday morning. The jet will fly out of Laurel with Graceyn, Mike and Rhonda Parker at 10:00 a.m.
When I have any other info, I will pass it along. Thanks for all you are praying and doing for this precious family of God's.


Urgent Prayer Needed

Holly is going into surgery for something that should not be happening but due to negligence and unreturned phone calls (over a 2 week period) to set up proper follow up care from her doctors and their nurses - stitches that were due to be taken out 2 weeks ago were painfully cut out today. They did NOT numb it, they used a scalpel and cut the skin which had grown over the stitches. She cried as she explained it to me and all I could do was gently lay over her and pray, pray and pray some more. Her other knee, since no proper follow up care was given, is being operated on later this morning at 8:00 a.m. at UMC. When she would try to use her physical therapy machine the stitches would cause her knee to bleed as it 'tore' her skin. This knee is believed to be infected now and they will be cleaning it out and PRAYERFULLY closing it up again. Also, they will be putting her legs through rigorous movements while she is still sedated due to her bones are healing quicker than her muscles can be used and her muscles are turning into bone. To try to stop this, they will be exercising her legs for her during sedation. Please pray against the pain. It has been explained to me by a dear friend who had 15 bone surgeries herself, the pain is indescribable.
***Holly requests prayer that they will in fact be able to get her home by tomorrow afternoon or early evening, as stated by doctors, so she can spend as much time with Graceyn before she leaves on Tuesday, April 29th.
***Holly is very sad about not being able to go with her baby. They told Graceyn this morning and she is very scared. Scared of needles, shots, surgeries, etc. She needs to be covered in prayer and please pray against negative words. Our words are so very powerful, I am still learning just how powerful, truth is truth but GOD is I AM and He alone has the LAST Word. Amen?!?
***In all of this I am sure God has laid it on your hearts to pray for the family but may I ask, pray for Maddie (6) and Laurel (8), their lives have been turned upside down. Having both Mom and Graceyn home have been a much needed blessing. I am concerned for them as their little sissie has to leave. They hurt, too.


Updates, Praises, Prayers, and Needs

Graceyn is so cute laying in the bed with her mama. Tickled to be close to her, Holly grins from ear to ear. It has been such a tremendous blessing for her to be home. They need your prayers for the following:

* Holly and Lane need God to hold them up and keep them comforted and strong while Graceyn is probably leaving Tuesday, April 28th, to fly to the Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia, PA with her grandparents, Mike and Rhonda Parker. It is harder than my feeble words can convey for them to watch her leave and know they cannot go or see her for 4 weeks. God is their Jehovah Shalom!
* Big prayer need - pray the jet that has been offered to take Graceyn straight from our airport to the one in PA will be available on the day she needs to travel. The person who has graciously offered or agreed to fly her has certain days he is able to do this, please pray Jehovah Jireh provides...."Where two or three agree about what that ask, it WILL be done by my Father in Heaven".
* Continue to pray spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical provisions for this precious family. They are all needing these prayers. Names are Lane, Holly, Graceyn, Maddie, and Laurel.
***HUGE PRAISE: ALL of Graceyn's medical bills are completely covered for her Pennsylvania hospital stay!!!!! And Daddy says she is still moving her legs! Glory to God! He is our Provider! Man, He is so Good!!! (& Faithful!!!)

Holly needs 2 - 3 cotton (Soft) dress found at Target. They are a certain kind that she can still move in for her therapy. Short sleeve and has maybe a few buttons at the top in front. If anyone can help in this area, it would be greatly appreciated.


Sermon on Hope



How you can help

Gift cards from restaurants are needed for the family.
If you are interested contact Tina Conerly. Her phone # is 601.992.6181 and her email is 6conerlys@bellsouth.net


Awesome Blog

We don't know this lady but her blog is awesome and very encouraging. Apparently her nephew fell while skiing and was told that he may never walk, talk, write, eat again. Click on the link below to read their story.

The Lord Is Jehovah-Rapha

(excerpt from Prayers that Avail Much by Germaine Copeland)

Healing of the Handicapped

Father, we come before you boldly and confidently, knowing that You are not a man that You should lie and that You watch over Your Word to perform it. Therefore, Father, we bring before You those who are called handicapped and ill- mentally and physically. Father, we know by Your authority of Your Word, we know without a doubt that it is Your will for these people- babies, children, and adults- to be made completely whole and restored in the name of Jesus.
Although Satan, the god of this world, comes against Your handiwork, we know you are the God of miracles, the God of love, power, and might. Through Your redemptive plan, we are redeemed from the curse of the law. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places far above all satanic forces. We bring those who have been attacked before Your throne of grace. We intercede on their behalf, and for their families and loved ones.
We proclaim the victory Jesus one at Calvary when He disarmed the principalities and powers that were waged against us. We believe that everyone who has the opportunity this day to make Jesus their Lord and Savior will call upon His name and be saved. We bind their spirits, souls, and bodies to the will of God, to the blood of Jesus, to mercy, grace, and truth. We destroy strongholds of unforgiveness, fear, and distrust. In the name of Jesus, we loose unbelief, fear, discouragement, tradition, depression, and oppression from the minds of the parents, children, and individuals involved.
Father, we pray for born-again, Spirit-filled individuals in positions of authority- administrators, teachers, nurses, orderlies, attendants, and volunteers. We pray that men and women of integrity, blameless and complete in Your sight, remain in these positions, but the wicked be cut off and the treacherous be rooted out. Father, we pray for laborers of the harvest to go forth preaching the good news to the lost and to the Body of Christ.
We pray that You quicken these individuals to Your Word- that they may be filled with wisdom and revelation knowledge concerning the integrity of Your Word, speaking faith-filled words and doing faith-filled actions. We pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, divine health, the fruit of the recreated human spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and deliverance. May they know that Jesus is their Source of every consolation, comfort, and encouragement, and that they are to be sanctified- spirit, soul, and body. We confess that they are redeemed from the curse of the law- redeemed from every sickness, disease, malady, affliction, defect, deficiency, deformity, injury, and every demon.
We speak healing to unborn infants in the wombs of mothers for children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is their reward. We speak restoration to damaged brain cells and activation of dormant brain cells. We speak normal intellect for one's age. We speak creative miracles to parts of the body and healing to all wounds. We speak words of life and say that they shall live in victory in life and not die. We speak perfect soundness of mind and wholeness of body and spirit. We say that tongues are loosed and speech is distinct. We say ears hear and eyes see in the name of Jesus. We say demons are cast out, bowing to the name of Jesus. We speak deliverance to bodies and minds, for You, Lord God, are the Help of their countenance and the Lifter of those bowed down- the joy of the Lord is their strength and stronghold!
We commission God's ministering spirits to go forth as they hearken to God's Word to provide the necessary help and assistance to those for whom we are praying! Father, no word of Yours is void of the power it takes to cause itself to pass! We establish Your Word on this earth for it is already settled in heaven. Nothing is too hard or impossible for You. All things are possible to us who believe. We pray for more intercessors to stand with us. Let our prayers be set forth as incense before You- a sweet fragrance before You! Praise the Lord! In Your Name we pray, amen.

Scripture References:
Romans 3:4
Mark 11: 23, 24
Psalm 42:11
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Praise and Prayer Needed

Hallelujah! Praise the Lamb of God! Graceyn is going home Friday. She will be home only for a week before heading to Philadelphia, PA. She will be at the Shriner's Hospital for Children for 4 weeks. They specialize in spinal cord injuries. She is getting around quite well but at present, still paralyzed....God is working, though, so keep praying and praising God for that miracle. He will provide!
It is looking like Holly will not be able to go and Lane feels Holly needs him to be here with her because of the shape she is in.... he is torn but doesn't know what else to do. Holly trusts him and he knows how to help her move when she needs to without hurting her legs. The plan right now is that her grandparents, Mike and Rhonda Parker, take her to PA.
Holly has been in a great deal of pain today with her left knee cap (this is the leg that had the worse damage). She is very down about not being able to go with Graceyn. She will need extra prayers during the weeks Graceyn is gone for strength and peace while having to be separated. They had hoped insurance would cover her being able to do her therapy and rehabilitation at the Temple University Hospital which is joined to the children's hospital, but it doesn't look like their insurance will cover it.
Thank you all so much for your help, care, concern and most of all, prayers. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.


Latest Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord, Holly came home from the hospital on Thursday. Here are some specific prayer requests from her:

*Pray against blood clots forming and going to her lungs, heart or brain. She is very susceptible to getting blood clots with her legs in the shape they are in and not being able to get up and move around. She is very concerned about this occurring.

*Pray for God to provide the money needed to pay for the machine she has to use for her legs with her physical therapist. Their insurance told them it is NOT covered on their insurance and it is $30.00 per day. God Will Provide!!

*Pray for the emotional hardship of having to be away from Graceyn who is in the hospital for 10 more days. It was very hard for both Lane and Holly on Thursday to leave her at the hospital

*Pray for wisdom and guidance as Lane is talking to some people and checking options for Graceyn to go to a hospital in Pennsylvania that specializes in spinal injuries. Also, pray that their insurance would cover this.

*Pray for both Holly and Graceyn as they recover and go through therapy. Holly said she knows it has to hurt to get better and heal and is very concerned about that as well.

*Pray for Lane and grandparents as they care for these loved ones. They are so tired but encouraged by all of you who are ministering in various ways and especially your prayers.

*Pray for Graceyn as she is still having to be catheterized every 6 hours and will do so until God heals her from the paralysis.