frozen meals for the family

Sorry it has taken me a while to post. I have several pictures of Holly and Graceyn that are being scanned so that I can put them on this blog. Can't wait!

I'm also pleased to tell you, if you haven't heard, Graceyn and Holly WALKED at church the other night. Holly without help, Graceyn with her braces. Such an awesome sight.... we serve a MIGHTY, AWESOME, POWERFUL LORD, amen?

Also, it has come to my attention that the frozen meals that the family had stocked up are running low. They use these for when someone forgets to bring them a meal, or when no one is taking them a meal. I thought some of you might want to meet this need for them. I know that they would be grateful.


PRAYER request from Tina Conerly

Hi, thank each of you for praying and praising God with us for all of the
Thrailkill's needs, prayer requests and healing. We truly continue to
believe God for a COMPLETE miracle; but for now Graceyn's therapy continues
for teaching her ways to get around and how to do things while she is still

It is so amazing how much she has learned to do from Kennedy Krieger in
Baltimore, MD. We have videos of her walking with her special braces that
have electrodes in them to stimulate her legs to move; videos of her making
muffins with a friend God has provided for her; a video of her having a
water fight with other children her age from the hospital, and several other

It is so sweet that God has brought a little girl named Rachel who is 4
years old also. She has the same injury as Graceyn and uses all the same
equipment Graceyn does. She could use your prayers because she is not
handling her injuries as well as Graceyn. It has been difficult for the
therapists to get her to do therapy. She doesn't want to do anything....but
God has been using Graceyn to encourage her.

*Holly needs someone to be able to come help clean & dust her house before
Saturday when Lane gets home with Graceyn.
**One toilet is clogged and we (Holly and Tina) can't seem to get it to
unclog. Can any of you guys help with this? We really need this fixed before
***We need a gentleman to pick Lane and Graceyn up in their van (or yours if
that is more comfortable for you) Saturday, August 9th from the Sanderson
' place in Laurel, MS. This is a 2 hour drive from the Jackson area.
Right now we are unsure of the time they arrive but will prayerfully know
sometime Wednesday and will post that as soon as we have it.
*We need to know who would be willing to provide supper meals for them
starting Saturday, the 9th and run through the following Sunday, the 17th.
Remember if you can provide a meal but cannot deliver it, Tina Conerly will
be more than happy to deliver it for you. Her number is 601-992-6181.

Please pray for Lane and Graceyn to have a safe trip home.

God is working in such amazing ways. Thank you for being a part of those
ways by praying, providing meals, all of your financial help and so much
more. You will not know how big a blessing all of this is and has been to us
this side of Heaven!

In His love and thankfulness,
Tina and Holly


Miracle for Graceyn

Hey faithful readers.... I'm out of town but was checking my email and I got a video from Tina Conerly that showed Graceyn WALKING with braces!!! Praise the Lord... He is faithful! 

As soon as I get home I'll attempt to post the video that Tina Conerly sent me and a few pictures of the car crash that she gave me as well. I CAN'T WAIT for you to see it (the video- the pictures are interesting and definitely show the extreme nature of what Holly and Graceyn went through in that crash).  Definitely brought tears to my eyes... what a MIGHTY God we serve. 


PRAYER request from Tina Conerly

Graceyn has been at Shriner's hospital in PA since the 15th doing therapy with her new braces which were specially made for her. She is able to walk with them using a walker. They have also taught her how to swim without floaties and she is thrilled about this. She is using her upper body and arms to do all the swimming, as for now, she is still paralyzed. Holly has pictures on her phone we would love to give to the church for Wednesday night prayer. We just want you all to see God's faithfulness in answering all prayers being lifted up on her behalf.
Graceyn and Lane (daddy) left PA Friday, the 25th, traveling to Kennedy Krieger hospital in Baltimore, Maryland which is said to be the best in the world for spinal cord injuries. Monday, the 28th, they got settled in at the hospital, after many tests and evaluations, Lane received some disappointing news. They say Graceyn's injuries are complete and agree with Shriner's that she has only a 5 percent chance of regaining anything. They said Lane and Holly are doing all they can at this point to help their baby girl.
A few weeks ago, Lane spoke with a man there, in Maryland, who was paralyzed and they used umbilical cord blood to help him walk again. Since we received that info, we were sadly informed that his procedure didn't take place at Kennedy Krieger but they still think they can help Graceyn. Doctors say it will be 3 - 4 years before this technology is available in the US and reaches the point that they can use umbilical cord blood to heal her injuries enabling her to fully recover and walk again.
While at Shriner's hospital, she was going through difficult physical therapy which involved moving her whole body with just her arms. At one point she had a huge meltdown, refusing to take another step....but God in His faithfulness carried her through. We think this was beneficial because she finally let out emotions pent up inside since the wreck. Now, instead of the 2 hour physical therapy work outs, she is undergoing more intense PT involving 5 hours of hard work. They say this intense, aggressive PT along with the special bike she uses for her legs is the only things they have had success with involving injuries like Graceyn has.
The doctors are conducting a bone density test to determine if Graceyn's bones have already become brittle. (This is a common problem with patients having such spinal cord injuries.) Lane and Holly may be facing a difficult decision due to the outcome of the tests. If her bones are becoming brittle the only option would be to use an experimental drug which has unknown side effects and the long term effects are also unknown. They just discovered some concern with her hips today which would cause her to need to wear more special braces while in her wheelchair and at night when she is sleeping. She hates anything mashing or putting pressure on her tummy. This is a huge prayer need.
An interesting fact that was also discovered is her spinal cord was not bent/snapped but instead was stretched up at impact.
Pray for Lane as it is so hard to be away from his wife and other girls and as he tries to encourage Graceyn in all that is going on. He is really feeling isolated and discouraged....and even feels alone. The pressures of the whole trip and their basic needs, being so far away from home without family or church support are taking a toll on him. Thank you for undergirding him in prayer for supernatural strength, comfort and wisdom to get through these last couple of weeks.
This family cannot thank you enough for your constant and faithful prayers, and all else you have done and are doing to help in this season of their lives! They pray God's richest blessing upon each of you!
Serving our Savior with joy, Tina
NOTHING is impossible with God! Mark 10:27