PRAYER request from Tina Conerly

Hi, thank each of you for praying and praising God with us for all of the
Thrailkill's needs, prayer requests and healing. We truly continue to
believe God for a COMPLETE miracle; but for now Graceyn's therapy continues
for teaching her ways to get around and how to do things while she is still

It is so amazing how much she has learned to do from Kennedy Krieger in
Baltimore, MD. We have videos of her walking with her special braces that
have electrodes in them to stimulate her legs to move; videos of her making
muffins with a friend God has provided for her; a video of her having a
water fight with other children her age from the hospital, and several other

It is so sweet that God has brought a little girl named Rachel who is 4
years old also. She has the same injury as Graceyn and uses all the same
equipment Graceyn does. She could use your prayers because she is not
handling her injuries as well as Graceyn. It has been difficult for the
therapists to get her to do therapy. She doesn't want to do anything....but
God has been using Graceyn to encourage her.

*Holly needs someone to be able to come help clean & dust her house before
Saturday when Lane gets home with Graceyn.
**One toilet is clogged and we (Holly and Tina) can't seem to get it to
unclog. Can any of you guys help with this? We really need this fixed before
***We need a gentleman to pick Lane and Graceyn up in their van (or yours if
that is more comfortable for you) Saturday, August 9th from the Sanderson
' place in Laurel, MS. This is a 2 hour drive from the Jackson area.
Right now we are unsure of the time they arrive but will prayerfully know
sometime Wednesday and will post that as soon as we have it.
*We need to know who would be willing to provide supper meals for them
starting Saturday, the 9th and run through the following Sunday, the 17th.
Remember if you can provide a meal but cannot deliver it, Tina Conerly will
be more than happy to deliver it for you. Her number is 601-992-6181.

Please pray for Lane and Graceyn to have a safe trip home.

God is working in such amazing ways. Thank you for being a part of those
ways by praying, providing meals, all of your financial help and so much
more. You will not know how big a blessing all of this is and has been to us
this side of Heaven!

In His love and thankfulness,
Tina and Holly


Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Heather I live in a little town in mississippi. I came across your story and I had to write you. I was in a accident on march 1st of this year and i'm now a t7 paraplegic. I know exactly what your going through. I just wanted to let you know we are keeping you and your family in our prayers. I hope things get better for you.