Updates Today.....

Holly had her stitches out today and had no pain. They will check her progress in six weeks to determine if they need to put her to sleep to bend her right leg. She is going to be working with her PT in the mean time, so the doctor will look at her range of motion at the next appointment. The doctor also said her right knee and leg were in awesome shape compared to her last visit and surgery. She has been walking using a walker more than 50 feet with her PT- awesome progress!

Hands of Hope at Crossgates Baptist Church will continue to be and have already been working on the Thrailkill home on several of the needs expressed in the last post. PRAISE GOD that this need has already been met!

God has clearly told Lane that Graceyn WILL be healed, so we need to continue our prayers.... despite what doctors and PT's say. HE has the last WORD, amen?
The specialized bicycle has been ordered for her (the one that cost $15,000), Lane is trusting God to provide. Graceyn will be returning home on the 17th, but will return for a two week stay (in PA) after she gets her new braces. These braces will help her learn how to use her legs.

God is SO GOOD, all the time! Thanks to all of you who are praying.... you may never know what YOUR prayers are doing. Small= Big sometimes in God's economy!


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Prayers continued here.