Needs for the Family....

This was forwarded to me by someone from my church. These are specific needs for the family.

Thanks Angie if you're reading this for passing these requests on!

  1. Their house is in a dire need of painting, caulking and a few rotted boards replaced. Would any of you be willing to lend some labor or know of someone who could. Please be in prayer for our church to step up to this.
  2. Right as I walked in Holly was hanging up with a call from one of Graceyn’s therapists who was telling Holly about this new chair that Graceyn HAD to have to help her leg musles from atrophying. The cost of the chair is $15,000 and insurance will not pay a dime. Holly looked at me with the most despair in her eyes and said, “How could we get $15,000?” To make matters worse Holly asked if this chair would help Graceyn walk and the therapist told her, “Holly, Graceyn is not going to walk again.” Please pray first and foremost for complete healing in Graceyn’s body and that she will through the power of Jesus, walk again. Secondly, please pray for the funds to come in to cover the cost of the chair that she will need almost immediately.
  3. They need a new vehicle. The drunk driver had poor insurance and since the three in the vehicle with the drunk driver were hurt, they have rights to the insurance money also and so it will have to split among them as well. At best, Holly’s van will be paid off. This still leaves them in the great need for another vehicle. Please pray for this need to be met.

They have an account set up at Bank Plus under Lane Thrailkill and another account set up at Regions under Graceyn Thraillkill.

If you would like to help please post a comment with your information or, send an email to:

Thanks for your diligent prayers and all of you who are stepping up to help out. Even if it seems insignificant it is HUGE in God's economy. May each of you be blessed for your service!


Anonymous said...

How do I go about putting money into the account at Regions? Also, I can't be much help in the labor or money area, but if there is anything else needed please let me know. I am 16, can drive, live in Brandon, and out of school for the summer. I've been around the family before while I was their lifeguard last summer. I can grocery shop, keep the girls, clean the house, or anything else. Again, please let me know.
-Kelsey Morphis

wolf pack said...

My husband and I would be glad to help out on a work day at the house. We will continue to keep praying for all of your needs.

Stacy and Michael Wolf

Thrailkill Family said...

You can go by any Regions bank and let a teller know that you'd like to donate money to Graceyn. Send your email and phone number to thrailkillfamily@live.com and somebody will get in touch with you about helping