Urgent Prayer Needed

Holly is going into surgery for something that should not be happening but due to negligence and unreturned phone calls (over a 2 week period) to set up proper follow up care from her doctors and their nurses - stitches that were due to be taken out 2 weeks ago were painfully cut out today. They did NOT numb it, they used a scalpel and cut the skin which had grown over the stitches. She cried as she explained it to me and all I could do was gently lay over her and pray, pray and pray some more. Her other knee, since no proper follow up care was given, is being operated on later this morning at 8:00 a.m. at UMC. When she would try to use her physical therapy machine the stitches would cause her knee to bleed as it 'tore' her skin. This knee is believed to be infected now and they will be cleaning it out and PRAYERFULLY closing it up again. Also, they will be putting her legs through rigorous movements while she is still sedated due to her bones are healing quicker than her muscles can be used and her muscles are turning into bone. To try to stop this, they will be exercising her legs for her during sedation. Please pray against the pain. It has been explained to me by a dear friend who had 15 bone surgeries herself, the pain is indescribable.
***Holly requests prayer that they will in fact be able to get her home by tomorrow afternoon or early evening, as stated by doctors, so she can spend as much time with Graceyn before she leaves on Tuesday, April 29th.
***Holly is very sad about not being able to go with her baby. They told Graceyn this morning and she is very scared. Scared of needles, shots, surgeries, etc. She needs to be covered in prayer and please pray against negative words. Our words are so very powerful, I am still learning just how powerful, truth is truth but GOD is I AM and He alone has the LAST Word. Amen?!?
***In all of this I am sure God has laid it on your hearts to pray for the family but may I ask, pray for Maddie (6) and Laurel (8), their lives have been turned upside down. Having both Mom and Graceyn home have been a much needed blessing. I am concerned for them as their little sissie has to leave. They hurt, too.