Latest Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord, Holly came home from the hospital on Thursday. Here are some specific prayer requests from her:

*Pray against blood clots forming and going to her lungs, heart or brain. She is very susceptible to getting blood clots with her legs in the shape they are in and not being able to get up and move around. She is very concerned about this occurring.

*Pray for God to provide the money needed to pay for the machine she has to use for her legs with her physical therapist. Their insurance told them it is NOT covered on their insurance and it is $30.00 per day. God Will Provide!!

*Pray for the emotional hardship of having to be away from Graceyn who is in the hospital for 10 more days. It was very hard for both Lane and Holly on Thursday to leave her at the hospital

*Pray for wisdom and guidance as Lane is talking to some people and checking options for Graceyn to go to a hospital in Pennsylvania that specializes in spinal injuries. Also, pray that their insurance would cover this.

*Pray for both Holly and Graceyn as they recover and go through therapy. Holly said she knows it has to hurt to get better and heal and is very concerned about that as well.

*Pray for Lane and grandparents as they care for these loved ones. They are so tired but encouraged by all of you who are ministering in various ways and especially your prayers.

*Pray for Graceyn as she is still having to be catheterized every 6 hours and will do so until God heals her from the paralysis.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for each of you!

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father I thank you right now for Jehovah Rophe who is administering Healing the lives of these two. Thank you that you are touching the areas where the blood clots are forming and with your touch they are dissipating, they have no power over you Father. Father, be Jehovah Jireh and provide every need they have. I know you will be faithful, and that the miracles that are unfolding will bring "Glory to You". Father they need you to be Jehovah Rohi, their Shepherd to lead them in wisdom, to make the best decisions for everyone. Father be Jehovah Shalom, their peace and Jehovah Shammah knowing that when the moments of not being with Graceyn and not being with her parents that YOU are THERE. They are not alone. Thank you Father for complete healing and for providing for every need they have. AMEN

Anonymous said...

Lane, Holly, and girls: We are praying for your entire family as we know this is hard on you all. May our personal, loving heavenly Father meet every need that each one of you has. He sees and He knows. We have been and we continue to pray for you. ~~Gary & Edna Mayor