Update from Tina Conerly

Graceyn has been at Shriner's hospital in PA since the 15th doing therapy with her new braces which were specially made for her. She is able to walk with them using a walker. They have also taught her how to swim without floaties and she is thrilled about this. She is using her upper body and arms to do all the swimming, as for now, she is still paralyzed. Holly has pictures on her phone we would love to give to the church for Wednesday night prayer but have no idea how to do that. Anyone who can help? We just want you all to see God's faithfulness in answering our prayers.
Graceyn and Lane (daddy)leave PA Friday, the 25th, traveling to Kennedy Krieger hospital in Baltimore, Maryland which is said to be the best in the world for spinal cord injuries. As I have more info, I will post.
There is a man they spoke with there who was paralyzed and they used umbilical cord blood to help him walk again. Since we received that info, we were sadly informed today that that procedure didn't take place at Kennedy Krieger but they still think they can help Graceyn walk again.
Pray for Lane as it is so hard to be away from his wife and other girls and as he tries to encourage Graceyn in all that is going on. Graceyn is really a trooper and shines for Jesus. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers.