prayer requests from Tina Conerly

*PRAISE: Lane is off at least long enough to take Graceyn to PA. They leave July 15th and will be in PA until the 25th of July.
*PRAISE: Krueger Kennedy Hospital in Maryland wants Graceyn to come there immediately following her stay at Shriner's after receiving her braces and being shown how to use them. This is the BEST hospital for her injuries in the nation! They aren't saying they want to help her know how to function in life from a wheelchair, they want to rehabilitate her to live her life aside from the wheelchair; to walk on her own. They are very optimistic about being able to further help Graceyn.
*This is a huge prayer request, going to Maryland, because they have been told it is VERY pricey. At this point they do not know if insurance will pay. What is our God's Name? Jehovah Jireh is one, isn't it? I truly believe He will provide...after all He didn't bring them this far to drop them now, did He? His word says, "Ask and you will receive...." not you might or I will think about it, but "You will"....Glory to God Almighty!!!
*PRAISE: Lane's insurance covered Graceyn's "stander" machine for her bone therapy with her legs. They have already received it at their home. She is so excited about it and wants to use it all the time. This is an answered prayer because not long ago she didn't want to have to use any of these things.
*PRAISE: God has truly changed Graceyn's outlook on life. She was so upset about "never walking again" and didn't want to use anything that she needed to....chest brace, leg braces, wheel chair, etc. God has blessed this precious child with a new outlook...she now talks of "when I can walk again, I want to do this" or "when God heals me, I will do this". All it takes is a mustard seed of faith to move mountains, amen? When we start believing God can, I think we can step back, watch and see Him move in mighty ways, amen?
*PRAISE: The family has been able to come to church some, tonight was one of those times. For those who may have missed it, when it was time to put prayers and praises in the baskets.....Holly walked to them and back for the first time!!!! Wahooo! Praise His Name!!!!
*PRAY: Soon they will all start counseling to deal with the aftermath. Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts, concern and Christ-like love!!!!! This is what the Body of Christ is all about.....Loving and serving one another just as Christ himself did and gave Himself up for the church.
Hallelujah! We love you Jesus!!!!
Have a blessed weekend!
In His love and service, Tina
Matthew 7:7-11


Email from Tina Conerly regarding Praises and Prayers

*Hands of Hope for Crossgates Baptist church concreted 1/2 of the Thrailkill's driveway at no charge at all; allowing easy wheelchair accessibility for Holly and Graceyn into their home.
*Last Monday, they received word that the full amount, $15,000.00 for the bike therapy machine Graceyn needed had been anonymously donated by an insurance company, not their own nor one they knew of, so is now paid in full. Just 4 weeks prior, Lane received a call from the medical supply company that the machine was NOT covered by their insurance. In faith, he replied, "Order the machine anyway. Her doctor says she needs it; I don't know how we will pay for it, but God WILL provide." Praise Jesus, He provided, amen!?!
*The owner of the above mentioned insurance company donated an extra $3,500.00 of his own money for any other needs.
*People continue to give of themselves and their time and take meals daily to the Thrailkill family. This is an indescribable blessing, as it not only saves $ for them, but also time that Lane needs to care for his family. He has so much on him not just physically, but financially, emotionally and spiritually as well.
*Thursday he was told that Shiloh Methodist Church was going to finish concreting the rest of the driveway, this may be at no charge to them. What a Mighty God we serve!!!!! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills....He will supply your need.....what should we do? Trust Him to do it! Hallelujah!
Prayer Requests:
*There is a therapy machine for Graceyn's legs called a "stander". This machine exercises and strengthens her bones, whereas the bike machine exercises and strengthens her muscles. This machine has also been denied coverage by their insurance, it isn't nearly as pricey as the other but still expensive enough to need prayer for God to provide financial assistance to purchase it. This along with the other are machines she will use daily to keep her legs, muscles and bones healthy until God heals her completely.
*Pray for Holly as she is going to need more surgery on her right leg. They cannot get it past bending at 60 degrees and what they have done has moved her kneecap. It is not centered as it should be. She has an appointment with her doctors Thursday (19th) to access all her needs and talk about scheduling surgery for any repairs needed and to bend it while under sedation.
*Please also pray as counseling is being scheduled to deal with the wreck, etc. The whole family will go through the therapy.
Thank you so much for rejoicing with us and praying for them. They are so blessed by each of you and humbled by your selfless love and prayers. Have a blessed day! The next update will be on Thursday, the 19th.
Serving our Savior with Joy,
Tina Conerly


More Prayer Requests....

These are copied from an email I got from Tina Conerly.....

*Pray God would provide the way for Holly and the other 2 girls to go with Lane and Graceyn when they return to PA. If unable to go, I am working on day-sitters to help Holly while he takes her. She really needs someone to be with her at this point.
*Pray for healing from the trauma from all of this for the whole family. Graceyn needs them so much, but Maddie, Laurel and parents do as well.
Again, I will have more info and an update on prayer needs tomorrow, but this is what I have now. Oh, there is one other machine called a "stander" which would work/exercise Graceyn's bones they are needing to purchase. Again, this one is not covered by their insurance but the doctors feel she needs it to remain healthy, strong, etc. More info on that to come.


Prayer Request for Lane

I spoke with Tina Conerly tonight, and she shared with me a prayer request.
Lane is scheduled to go back to work within a few weeks (maybe even less- I'm not entirely sure). As you know, Graceyn will need to go back to PA soon- and that won't be possible if Lane goes back to work so soon. He will be asking his boss for 3 more months at home. Let's pray that God's favor will be on Lane, and that his boss will see this request as a legitimate need.

What did I tell ya.... He's a BIG GOD!!!!

On an earlier post I mentioned that Graceyn needed a bike that cost $15,000. Lane went ahead and ordered the bike, trusting that God would provide. Would you believe that God did- and $3,500 extra too (see my earlier post on how abundant God is)! How awesome is that?
My God truly never ceases to amaze me with how much He loves us! I often write about needs for the family with doubts in my mind about exactly how God will meet those needs. I am sooo thankful that my "human-ness" doesn't get in the way of God's perfect will~ He will complete the work that He started.



I got to see the whole family at church last night- Lane, Holly, Maddie, and Graceyn (I think Laurel must have already gone upstairs). They all looked wonderful! We were praising God that they were there and so excited to see sweet Graceyn. I had been praying that they would be able to come to church soon- and as you know, God answers prayer!


Boldly approaching Our Father's Throne

Sorry I haven't posted in a while- there haven't been any new updates from Tina so I was kind of neglecting this blog. But, God spoke to me in that still, quiet way that He has and reminded me of a few things that I'd like to share with you.

1) God is a BIG God. And He can do over and abundantly what we ask of Him. He's just waiting. How do I know? Think about the story that we've heard tons of times in Matthew 14:13. Jesus fed 5,000 people with 2 loaves and 5 fish. Now, the story doesn't end there for me. It's amazing enough that He fed them all with that small amount of food- but look at what He did at the end:

20They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.

Why was there even food left over? I always think God will give me just enough to get by. NO WAY- He's a BIG, ABUNDANT GOD and He desires to give us way more than we ask for, even better than we ask for. Let's ask Him for big things for ourselves- and the Thrailkill's today.

2) Our Pastor at Crossgates Baptist gave an awesome sermon tonight... here's a link to listen to it if you are interested: http://crossgates.org
Click on the link for archived sermons and choose the one for June 1st. Anyway, Bro. David taught us about love from the Father. He shared that God desires for us to approach him like little children- and call him "Daddy" or "Abba Father". This is true because Jesus approached God the same way, and he told us to pray in the same way:
9"This, then, is how you should pray:
" 'Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
11Give us today our daily bread.
12Forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.[a]' 14For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Jesus was telling us to BOLDLY approach his throne and to ask God for things with the mindset that we are His children. He loves us in the same way that we love our children or our parents love us. Amazing to think about, right?

So as we ask Him for that big thing today, remember, He wants to give us good things. He wants what's best for us.... just like we want what's best for our children and our parents wanted what was best for us. Ask Him today like He's Your Daddy. Let's ask on behalf of the Thrailkills for complete healing, peace, provision, and rest.

I'll give you an update as soon as I know something! Thanks for letting me take you on a little journey of what I've learned lately.